Holiday money: Where your pound buys more than before

We’ve spent years feeling ripped off by high euro exchange rates, but the times are achanging. Here’s a list of the countries where the pound is buying you more than last year.

If you want to save money on a holiday, you can camp out and cook spaghetti hoops in a tin OR you can take advantage of another country’s weak currency and live a 5-star life.

Simon Phillips, from travel money specialist No. 1 Currency, said: “Currency movements mean that in some countries you will get a lot more bang for your buck compared to this time last year.”

While some countries will ALWAYS be cheap, this year Brits are benefiting from a plunging euro and cheaper currencies in the usually pricey Scandinavian countries.

So where can you make the most of the currency change? Here’s the currencies with the biggest falls against the pound from No.1 Currency.

(Change is between 10 February 2014 and 9 February 2015)

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